Inequality and Ecotourism

Diverse island ecosystems and growing wealth inequality.

Wealth inequality is a growing issue in many of our cities, especially where housing prices have rapidly increased. People without property are being priced out of the market and those who already have property are seeing significant increases in unearned wealth. During my studies, I researched the population profile of one of Sydney’s well-known beachside suburbs, Manly. A quick overview shows those who owned property before Sydney’s property boom gained significant wealth along with a reduction in housing expenses. Whereas people without property struggle to save the deposit for their first home.

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The Ecotourism Challenge

Australia is home to a number of island ecosystems, most of which are under threat, either from climate change or overtourism. It’s interesting that much of the tourism on these islands is marketed as ‘ecotourism’ when in fact the current situation is generally considered to be ‘unsustainable tourism’. This article was originally published on The Conversation and has been republished on Sustainability Cubed with permission.

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