Sustainable Hotels in the Margaret River Region

You would think sustainable ecotourism practices would be the norm in Western Australia’s pristine Margaret River region. The south-west is a hub of biodiversity and unique landscapes, all of which are at risk with climate change and persistent pollution.

But sustainable hotels seem to be in short supply in Margaret River and further south towards Denmark, Albany and even in beautiful Esperance.

Local councils down south are doing great things, leading the way in sustainability with various initiatives. But local tourism businesses, especially accommodation are slow to follow.

List of Sustainable Hotels in Margaret River

It’s understandable considering some eco-initiatives can be costly, particularly switching to renewable energy like solar power. But recouping the expense of the initial layout would usually be paid off in a few years, thanks to reduced energy costs. Other initiatives are obviously less costly but unfortunately still not implemented.

Of course, there are a handful of eco hotels and resorts leading the way in responsible travel, converting to solar energy, reducing water consumption and waste, providing nature reserves for flora and fauna, and by supporting local businesses.

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